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Diana Harley


Diana is a chocoholic and wedgetail eagle lover. She spends a lot of time cloud-watching and looking after her family. She refuses to use her dishwasher and nuts out many of her ABC Open Stories and other stories and poems whilst up to her elbows in suds at her kitchen sink. She has written stories, plays and poems and regards herself as a conversational poet.


Premiers Reading Challenge in NSW and Victoria
Short+Sweet 3rd place in the Peoples’ Choice Awards
Blue Fringe Arts 2014 – Most Inspirational Poem Award
First Prize Cooma Feast of Poetry
Words for Birds 2015
Leadership Poem 2015 – Finalist


ABC Open
Writers of the Far South Coast


Underneath the Apple Tree
Beetles and Bugs
Road Safety
Helping Hands
Machines around the Home


The First Fig of Summer (Picaro Poets)
Raw (Picaro Poets)
Booranga Writers’ Centre – Bus Stop Poetry – “Silage”


Hop to It
Home Sweet Home


Friday the 13th – ACT Writers Centre Poets 2009
The Green Fuse 2010
Celebrating Life: through verse and story – Blue Fringe Arts 2013, 2014 & 2015
Memory Weaving: An Anthology of
Dementia Journeys 2014
Speak Out – Blue Fringe Arts 2016
Muse 2018
The Right Words at the Right Time Vol. 2


2010 A Feast of Poetry
My Brother Jack Poetry Awards 2014

Meet author Diana Harley and her springtime picture books

4th September, 2020 by Norah Colvin


Where do you write? Do you like to be by yourself in the quiet, or do you like to write in a noisy space?

I definitely like to write by myself in a quiet atmosphere so that I can really think and tap into my emotions and feelings. However, I often take my pen and paper with me when my family goes fishing or to the beach and I use that time to flesh-out ideas or note the environment for future use.


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My Books

My books are all Australian.
Written, illustrated, printed and produced in Australia.

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Fantastic Gymnastics

8th June 2019 
Children’s Hardcover Book

The First Fig of Summer (Picaro Poets)

14th August 2018

Raw (Picaro Poets)

14th August 2018

Beetles and Bugs

1st October 2003 / 2017
Children aged 0+

Underneath the Apple Tree

1st October 2003 / 2017
Children aged 0+


1st October 2003 / 2017
Children aged 0+

In the Media

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Meet author Diana Harley and her springtime picture books

Norah Colvin
4th September 2020

The Quick Six Interview with Diana Harley on Fantastic Gymnastics

Romi Sharp
Just Write For Kids
10th June 2020

Book Week costume parade at Sapphire Coast Anglican College junior school

Ben Smyth
Bega District News
20th August 2019


Diana was a regular contributer to ABC Open, which has now been shut down. Her submissions can still be read through this website.

ABC Open Stories

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