A little magic by the sea

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A little magic by the sea


The waves were still pretty wild and the white caps jostled for position along Aslings Beach, Eden.We had just stepped out of the car to start the picturesque walk along the boardwalk across the road from the cemetery.A salty sea mist hung low and seagulls chirped noisily, adding to the barrage of sound from the crashing ocean.The sun was shining, drying up the puddles after rain the day before.It seemed a bit calmer out to sea.Fins sliced through the water and we could make out a pod of about seven or eight dolphins, riding the waves. They made it look so easy, so effortless – we felt like getting out there with them!We walked briskly, nodding good morning to ladies with dogs and old men on their electric scooters, each of us enjoying the sun, the sea and the freedom.At the northern end of the beach, a small crowd had gathered in the car park. From the number plates of the parked cars we could see that locals and tourists alike had stopped for a look.Out in the bay, not that far from shore, were whales. A mother and baby enjoying the swell and the sunshine. They lounged and lolled, logging on the surface and basking in the sapphire waters.We walked back to the car, excited by the free whale show.A sea eagle wheeled across the sky in front of us, screeching with the wind.Later, as we sat at the wharf takeaway, waiting for our fish and chips, an elderly man next to me asked if we’d seen the whales up at the point, at the southern end of the bay. We swapped stories about our sightings and agreed to check out each others’ spots after lunch.With smiles on our faces and wonder in our hearts, we each headed off into the afternoon, happy.Sometimes, I fail to acknowledge the beauty that surrounds me. I’m glad that I didn’t fail today.Read more of Diana Harley’s writing at her blog dianaharley.wordpress.com


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