Feels good to give

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Feels good to give

500 Words: The Kindness of Strangers


It was time.

No use putting it off any longer.

But it had come around so quickly…again!

They might not be happy about it, but it had to be done.

We all had to be brave.

We had to do this.

We needed to do another clothes de-clutter!The kids had grown so quickly over the past few seasons, I just couldn’t keep up with them.

Neither could their clothes!

So we spent an hour or three going through drawers and wardrobes, sorting clothes, trying them on and working out whether they were keepers or donations.

Of course, feet had grown also so school shoes, sports shoes and casual shoes all had to be tried on and assessed.

Even books, toys and games that had been outgrown were put on the pile, so that other children could get some enjoyment from them also.As we went through each item, we took time to reminisce.

Some pieces of clothing had been birthday or Christmas gifts. Some had been hand-me-downs from friends, distant relatives or an older sibling. All of them had a story.

I hated that T-shirt but you made me wear it, Mum.

Remember when I wore that to the school disco?

I wore this every day of the summer holidays last year.

This used to be my favourite pair of jeans.It was fun remembering.

Because of this, it was harder for me to part with some of the outgrown items than it was for the kids!

I must admit that a couple of items that held lots of sentimental value were snuck out of the charity bag and back into my cupboard for future reminisces.

A few days later, with both hands clinging desperately to bags full of outgrown goodies, I struggled into my local charity shop.

The volunteer ladies clucked warmly at me, grabbed a couple of my bags and ushered me down the back of the shop with the others.A shopper, a lady I had never met before, smiled at me, acknowledging my donation.

“Feels good to give, doesn’t it?” she said, with a chuckle.

Yes, it definitely does, I agreed, returning her smile.

It definitely does!

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