Let’s go fly a kite

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Let’s go fly a kite


Our old kite lay gathering dust on the top of the kitchen dresser.Until the past few weeks, that is.Mother Nature sent some big breezes to the Bega Valley and you know the old saying, when life gives you lemons…So, when the very breezy blasts hit and the wind chimes hanging off the verandah went mad and the dog wouldn’t stop barking, we grabbed our kite and headed outdoors.It took a few goes before we got it right. But soon we had our colourful kite soaring above our house and paddocks.We laughed like loonies as we watched it dip and dive and we screamed into the wind when the kite looked like it would crash.We urged it on with yelling and shouting, both at the kite and the person wrangling it.”Watch out! Watch out!””Let out more string! More string!””No! No! Yes!!! Ohhhh!!”I used to love watching the kites when I was a kid. A small group of enthusiasts, all adult, flew kites regularly at a park near my house. When the wind was up you could be sure the kite flyers would be there, providing a free show to all comers.Our kite flying session was nowhere near as good as those ones, but we didn’t care.We were outside, running and jumping, laughing and squealing as our cheap kids’ kite swooped and soared.Each of us had a turn at launching the kite when the gusts blew. Our dog enjoyed this part immensely – his tail spinning round and round like a windmill as he yelped and jumped, nipping at the wind.Holding onto the string was extremely difficult, and our youngest participant wasn’t strong enough to hang on. The kite took off towards a nearby tree and the string holder whacked me in the back of the head at full force. Ouch!A few rescues had to be made as our kite hit other trees, the TV antenna and our front verandah.Luckily, it lived to fly again…and again…and again.The weather deteriorated and a huge storm bank flew in from the north-east.We managed to successfully rescue our kite for the last time just as fat drops of rain plopped down, blown in by a cold and icy gale.Running inside with rosy cheeks and wild wind hair, we fought over who would get to guard our kite – until the next time.


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