Welcome to the neighbourhood

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Welcome to the neighbourhood

500 Words: Right here, Right now


I’ve got a new neighbour.

He’s not so much tall, dark and handsome as short, dark and handsome.

What he lacks in height, he certainly makes up for in speed.

I first sighted him a few weeks ago, dashing across the road at the bottom of our hill. Well, he wasn’t so much dashing as sprinting, his speed was amazing. I was hoping he’d stop so that I could introduce myself but he had other ideas. I’ve since done a bit of research and apparently if Usain Bolt challenged this guy to a race over 100 metres, my new neighbour would beat him to the finish line. Impressive!

I’ve seen my new neighbour’s home and it’s really prime real estate. It’s in an elevated position and is quite secluded. He’s even got a water view – the creek that runs past his front door is spectacular. It’s not a big waterway, but big enough to bring positive Feng Shui to his more than humble abode. The creek’s full of reeds, frogs and insects, so it’s very healthy. And after we’ve had a good of soaking rain around here, the creek becomes a re-energized and surging force, sweeping past the willows and wild apple trees outside his door on its way to the river further downstream. His home is situated high enough above the creek as to enjoy great views and remain safe from flooding. He’s really done well!

My new neighbour is dark, in a hirsute sort of way. He has quite a lot of dark hair, just gorgeous. I don’t think he’ll ever suffer from baldness.

A few days ago, when I was walking my dog, I saw my new neighbour peering out of his front door. He was very cute and I tried to catch his eye but I didn’t want to get too up close and personal at this stage in our relationship. Also, I didn’t want to get my dog all excited. He would have started his barking caper and I can imagine that my new neighbour would have just turned his back on me and blocked his doorway with his butt. I know he wouldn’t be meaning to be rude but I’d still feel a bit of a fool if he did that to me! So I just continued on my way to the letter box, hoping I’d be able to catch him another time – maybe without my dog in tow.

This morning, when I walked up to my front gate, I found a little pile of green cubes waiting for me. I was thrilled! My new neighbour had ventured up the hill during the night and left his calling card – his distinctively angular deposits! Maybe he does want to be friends after all?

Some people might have fairies living at the bottom of their garden, but I don’t.

Right here, right now, I have a wombat living at the bottom of mine and I couldn’t be more excited!


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