My crazy mixed-up world

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My crazy mixed-up world

500 Words: Right here, Right now

Right here right now it’s 7.30 in the morning and I’m outside at my clothesline, hanging out the first load of washing. Despite the lightness of the day and the presence of a watery winter sun in an azure expanse, a beautiful silvery moon is winking hello to me from the western sky.The new day’s air is crisp and clean. It holds a distinct chill yet it’s tempered by a hint of warmth. I can sense a friendly rivalry – a mature Bega Valley winter is being pushed on its way by a youthfully emerging Far South Coast spring – but winter’s resisting, it’s not in any hurry.Right here right now my garden seems confused. Out here, it’s a crazy mixed up world of light and shadow, warmth and cool, stillness and noise. This environment is bristling with the solemnity of winter and the rashness of spring.The magnificent liquid amber tree sports bare limbs with a solitary curled-up leaf clinging on.A few feet away, a wild plum tree is ablaze with lolly-pink blossoms. At the end of my garden a giant fir tree proudly boasts vivid green growth and the buds of forming cones. The lemony jonquils have blossomed and withered yet their distinct fragrance lingers on the breeze.The calistemon is thriving, it’s woken up from its winter sleep and is exuberantly sprouting lipstick-red bottle-brush flowers, sweeping the sky with millions of intricate bristles.And yet we have only just had below zero temperatures, the paddocks and verges crusty with frost. On a recent trip to Canberra my family stopped at Nimmitabel to play in the snow and throw snowballs at each other relentlessly – another example of the craziness of the seasons change.The birds can sense that winter is on the way out and spring is on the way in. They frolic in the toasty sunshine. I’m soon forced out the back door to investigate all the noise that’s coming from a nearby eucalypt. When I look up into the higher branches, just under the leafy canopy the tree is filled with rainbow lorikeets singing and sqwarking, no doubt congratulating each other on the passing of another winter and the joy of a spring to come.My new neighbour knows what’s up. As the days have started to lengthen, he’s venturing out of his burrow and taken to eating the tasty bits of green that border our road. I caught him out there at 5pm yesterday afternoon enjoying a pre-dinner snack.Right here right now my home is on the cusp. Thankful for the winter that is leaving for another year and filled with anticipation of the wonder of the spring about to begin.


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