The bully, karma and me

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The bully, karma and me

500 Words: Bully

Bullies are cowards. They don’t usually work alone and generally hunt in packs, even if that pack only consists of one or two other people.The bully who made me her victim had a pack of two. A tall fat girl with a stupid grin and a small, skinny girl with bulging eyes. Fatty and Skinny. Two girls who were stupid enough to forget to think for themselves and simple enough to remember to do everything the bully ordered them to. For some reason the bully singled me out. I still don’t know why. I must have been an easy target – pretty much on my own with no close circle of friends, interested in my school work and very quiet.The bully had field day after field day with me. Making fun of me. Calling me names. Spreading rumours. Taking my things.Encouraging other girls not to talk to me. Brushing past my desk and knocking my things off. The usual crappy bully caper. Her sidekicks were despicable. Like hyenas hovering around a kill, these two girls circled me constantly, taunting me with their stupid giggling and whispering, pointing and accusing. They were their own self appreciation group, sniggering behind their hands on completion of their latest bullying episode.My parents knew I was having a hard time in my first year at my new all girls high school, but in those days parents didn’t get involved. You just had to tough it out. You had to become resilient. If you didn’t, you’d always be the victim. I was able to make a couple of new friends which meant I had some other girls to sit with in class and at lunchtimes. We caught the bus together and played sport. Having friends to hang out with didn’t stop the bully from targeting me, but it meant I wasn’t always alone.I eventually threw the bully off my back when karma intervened and whacked her in the face. I took advantage of that opportunity karma presented me. After that, although she tried sickeningly hard to be my new best friend, there was no way I was going to reciprocate. Like a vase that’s been broken and glued back together, the cracks she had hacked into me would always be deep and tender.Trust her enough to cement over them and let her into my life? …no way.


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