Book Week 2019 – Talking about books at Lumen Christi Catholic College

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Book Week 2019 – Talking about books at Lumen Christi Catholic College

Local author, Diana Harley joined our Book Week celebrations this morning to speak with the primary students about being an author. Diana is a mother of six, Libby her youngest is a student at Lumen Christi. She has written a number of picture story books including ‘Beetles and Bugs’, ‘Underneath the Apple Tree’, ‘Butterflies’ and her most recent ‘Fantastic Gymnastics’. Two of these books have been on the Premier’s Reader’s Challenge in Victoria and NSW. Many thanks to Diana for joining us this morning.

Lumen Christi Catholic College

I was fortunate enough to attend another great Book Week Assembly this week at Lumen Christi Catholic College, Pambula.

So many smiling faces, so many great costumes! It is wonderful to see how serious children are about books – it warms my heart!!!

I was asked what my “super power” was, since this is the theme of this year’s book week. My super power is, of course, the ability to read! I’ve been reading for a very long time, I read lots of books, from all different genres, and feel physically sick if I cant read on any given day. Reading is Power!!!

I told the kids a bit about my latest book, “Fantastic Gymnastics”, and answered a few questions from the children themselves.

Some of the questions asked were:

What was my favourite book out of all the books I have written?

How do you write a book?

How do you get your book out there?

How did I come up with the ideas for my books?

Great questions which I tried to answer thoroughly but succinctly – not an easy job!

One of the teachers read my book to the students and they seemed to enjoy it.

Thankyou to the teachers and librarians, and special thanks to the children who were attentive, interested and fun to be around!

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