Book Week 2019 at Sapphire Coast Anglican College, Bega

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Book Week 2019 at Sapphire Coast Anglican College, Bega

What a wonderful Celebration of Books at SCAC on Tuesday! I was privileged enough to be invited along by teacher, Mrs Linda Whyman, to talk to the students about my latest book, “Fantastic Gymnastics”, and about being an author.

We talked about becoming an author, finding inspiration for your book and how being a wide reader can help budding authors.

I was treated to a colourful parade of children dressed up as their favourite book characters. It was wonderful to see how widely read the children were and how diverse their interests in books are.

I can say with confidence that reading by children is alive and well in the Bega Valley!

We had fun listening to my book be read by one of the teachers, and everyone got to see the great illustrations via the big screen set-up.

A huge thankyou to the children and staff at SCAC for inviting me along and making me feel so welcome – I enjoyed myself immensely!


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