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Double shuffle doo dah

The joys of owning an Aphrodite white 1969 Toyota Corolla.

Just for Today – Read a story

hi everyone, I hope you can take a little time out from your own writing to read a little bit of mine. my latest contribution to the ABC Open project can be found at I hope you enjoy it!

Message in a bottle

What was ‘lost’ in the sense of being misplaced, has now been found and reunited, with me.

Post and wire

Weathered fence posts on the farm.

Just for Today – Something Different

Sometimes, looking at things differently can free up our creativity. Just for today, see if the funny things in life lead your writing down another path – one you’ve not gone along before. Enjoy!

Welcome to Blogland

The cynical side of me overpowered my non-cynical side.


My laziness is stopping me from changing my carniverous ways

Just For Today – read a story!

Just  for today, treat yourself to a cuppa and a read! my story, “A Cat with no meow, Green Jelly and a very “hard” woman”, can be found at: enjoy!

Just for Today – write about something that makes you smile!

Something that brings a smile to your face will bring a smile to your writing. Whether it be a cooking achievement, a meeting with a friend or a big hug from a loved one – if it makes you smile, try putting it in writing! Enjoy!

A cat with no meow, green jelly and a very ‘hard’ woman

Grandmothers aren’t always ‘grandmotherly’.

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