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Ready, Steady Go!

PocketDocs: Running With Scissors I was pissed off. Why me? Being the eldest kid sucked. I had important stuff to do and going to the shops for my mother wasn’t one of them. No bike, said mum, for some unknown reason, so I had to hoof it. And because I was so upset about…
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My date with the Tim Tam Genie

My bare feet hit the carpeted floor and even the soft loop pile can’t distract me from thinking, once again, about this wish of mine.

Confessions of a Driving Instructor

I will not allow my face to give anything away. I wear a mask of inscrutability. I will ooze confidence.

Water baby

The pungent odour of chlorine rises from the water, filling my nostrils, swirling around my shoulders, engulfing my headspace.

Beware the rebel with paws

When my alter ego emerges, I break the rules.

My domestic armour

Memories bound together by housework…and love

What do wedgetail eagles and sharks have in common?

It’s time to think outside the square.

Does my bum look big on this?

I have a fraught deliberation in my mind – should I tell them…or not?

Double shuffle doo dah

The joys of owning an Aphrodite white 1969 Toyota Corolla.

Message in a bottle

What was ‘lost’ in the sense of being misplaced, has now been found and reunited, with me.

Diana Harley