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Post and wire

Weathered fence posts on the farm.

Welcome to Blogland

The cynical side of me overpowered my non-cynical side.


My laziness is stopping me from changing my carniverous ways

A cat with no meow, green jelly and a very ‘hard’ woman

Grandmothers aren’t always ‘grandmotherly’.

Dear Johnny

When you grow up with music that’s played over and over and over again, you can learn to either love it, hate it or just accept it.

Raindrops on clover

Precious rain in the Bega Valley

Raindrops on my Agapanthus

A beautiful combination – agapanthus and raindrops!

Pink gumboots after the rain

Shiny pink rainboots after the rain


One single bloom

The art of washing up

We have been told to ‘get a life’ or ‘small things amuse small minds.’

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