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The jumping gene

Everyone in our family knows about my mother’s nerves. And those nerves are bad.

Been there? Done that?

I have secretly feared this for a long time but I’ve kept pushing that fear back into the box marked ‘later’.

Up, up and away!

My fear consumed my waking and sleeping moments – it was time to confront it.

The bully, karma and me

Why had this bully singled me out? Why was I such an easy target?

My crazy mixed-up world

Right here right now, my home is on the cusp.

Welcome to the neighbourhood

Short, dark and handsome and faster than Usain Bolt.

Musophobia – a tragicomedy

What is it with mice and me?

Plugged in and tuned out

Sometimes, making a connection makes you the odd one out.

Inspired by another

It’s just my boogie board and me…and another lady with a boogie board. She gives me a welcome nod as I emerge from a full-body dunking.

Four little words

Does ‘see you soon’ mean ‘goodbye’?

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