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R.I.P by Nigel Williams

Retired bank manager George is dead. His mother has also passed away on the eve of her 99th birthday. However, it could be that they were both murdered. George, might be dead in body, but he is sti… Source: R.I.P by Nigel Williams

Hello Readers!

Hi everyone, just letting you know that a friend and I have started up another blog called “Far South Coast Readers” for all you passionate readers out there in blogland! It is pretty basic so far – we review books we enjoy and make suggestions via book lists etc. It will be growing as we…
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Just for Today – enjoy a read please enjoy one of my earlier stories, currently published online on ABC Open.        

Unlock your writing potential

Let this year be the year that you let your writing flow. make it your new year’s resolution to write what you enjoy and enjoy what you write. I have a good feeling that the results will be truly inspiring!

happy new year!

Hi everyone! I hope 2016 will be a good year for you all. happy writing!

Just For Today – Does my bum look big on this?

Photogapher: Eric Parker Just for Today – I hope you enjoy a giggle at my expense! Read my latest ABC Open story at Cheers!

Just for Today – let me tell you a story

Take a well-earned break from your own writing and read a bit of mine – enjoy! here’s the link:

Just for Today – Read a story

hi everyone, I hope you can take a little time out from your own writing to read a little bit of mine. my latest contribution to the ABC Open project can be found at I hope you enjoy it!

Just for Today – Something Different

Sometimes, looking at things differently can free up our creativity. Just for today, see if the funny things in life lead your writing down another path – one you’ve not gone along before. Enjoy!

Just For Today – read a story!

Just  for today, treat yourself to a cuppa and a read! my story, “A Cat with no meow, Green Jelly and a very “hard” woman”, can be found at: enjoy!

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