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Becoming a playwright

I am very excited to announce that two of my ten minute plays have been chosen for the Short and Sweet Festivals in Merimbula and Cootamundra. I hope that there is a good roll-up to these Festivals of ten 10 minute plays written, directed and acted in by volunteer participants. Please post feedback if you…
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ABC Open 500 words

I now have 4 stories published in the ABC Open 500 word project. “Going down the Brown”, “Show me the Money”, “Dear Husband” and “Love Bites”. Please have a read and leave a comment if you like. The project has been a lot of fun and I am looking forward to writing my next contribution.…
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Exhilaration IS an option!

If you are having trouble getting started with your writing, then stop trying too hard. if you feel pasionate about something, then write about it. if you are interested in something, then write about it. Do a bit of research,think about how you feel in relation to your chosen topic, then put pen to paper.…
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Practise your listening skills – then write!

Following on from my little rant about technology and switching it off for a while, I have been trying to listen in a more concentrated way to the world around me. The idea behind this, of course, is to find inspiration for my poetry and other forms of writing. It really does work! On a…
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turn off your technology – for a while

technology is great, and I’m not bagging it, but how many opportunities do poets and writers miss when their heads are down in their ipad or iphone and their ears are plugged up? turn your technology off, if just for a little while, and soak in your environment. Writers can gather so much material from just…
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Diana’s Writing Adventures:

Diana is an author, poet and playwright. She enjoys all aspects of writing and conducts writing workshops for both adults and children. PUBLISHED BOOKS: “Helping Hands” (Thomson Nelson) ISBN 0-17-011576-3 “Road Safety” (Macmillan McGraw-Hill) ISBN 0-02-192631-X “Machines around the Home” (Rigby Harcourt) ISBN978-0-7312-7367-6 “Underneath the Apple Tree”(Sapphire Coast Press) ISBN 0-9751450-1-0 “Butterflies” (Sapphire Coast Press)…
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