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Just for Today – Take a Seat

take your pen and paper, your ipad or tablet and park yourself on the nearest bench. enjoy the passing parade and take the tme to be inspired. get writing!

Just for Today – Beyond the Door

 Doors hold great fascination for me Рwhat stories lie beyond, what stories lie within? take a walk and look at some doors Рlet your creativity loose and then reign in those stories.

Just for Today – Look Through The Window

Look in…or, look out. take a peek inside or a peek out. do it quickly or take your time and just stare. stories are out there…or in there – Be Inspired!!

Just for Today – Go Somewhere Old

go on adventure and find somewhere old for your next dose of inspiration! take a walk around, have a sit, do a spot of people-watching. let the atmosphere infuse your writing and be inspired!

Just for Today – Writing Building Blocks

sometimes, our writing pieces need to be built over time. expecting to get a piece finished in one go is not always possible. so, keep your drafts and ideas in a physical form or hard copy and dont be shy about going back to them for inspiration or inclusion in other writing projects you may…
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Just for Today – enjoy the unexpected

sometimes, the extraordinary and unexpected provides fun writing opportunities! if and when those opportunities arise, take them…and happy writing!

The Jumping Gene

Photographer: John Drake Everyone in our family knows about my mother’s nerves. And those nerves are bad. My father used to take great delight in exercising my mother’s bad nerves. He would ‘walk’ up on her while she was cooking away in the kitchen and be right behind her when she turned around. Her screams…
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Just for Today – seek out the light!

Artists talk about “light” and so should we writers. An abundance or absence of light can affect how we write our pieces – our descriptions reflect our encounters with sunny days, dismal afternoons or moonless evenings, for example. Think about “light” next time you write and let it be part of your creative process.

Just for Today – Words for Birds hi everyone, one of my stories about my experiences with wedgetail eagles here in Australia has been produced as an audio for Words For Birds. please click on the links above and have a listen. remember, to be  good writers we need to listen!

Just for Today – Take a Drive

on your bike, in your car or just on foot – keep your eyes open and your ears listening. inspiration for a new writing piece (or an old one) may not come straight away, but it will be processed by that incredible brain of yours and stored away for later use. so…while your memory gets…
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