Lochiel author, playwright and poet Diana Harley has shared her knowledge and experience with emerging writers as part of International Women’s Day celebrations on Tuesday.

Budding poet Robyn Thorpe of Eden, who has been putting pen to paper since she was a young woman – was one of four writers to participate in the Writer in Residence event at the Eden Community Access Centre.

Ms Thorpe is currently writing a series called ‘Museum’ about life in days long gone which she has dedicated to her grandchildren.

While she has had her poems published in the Magnet and also magazines, her dream is to one day have a book of her own works published.

Ms Harley worked with the writers on topics including memoirs, family history, journal writing, illustrations, competitions and self-publishing.

“It was a wonderful day,” Ms Harley said. “Many aspiring writers have loads of ideas but need to be pointed in the right direction in terms of, for example, how to get published.”

“They need someone to bounce off their ideas,” she said.