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My crazy mixed-up world

Right here right now, my home is on the cusp.

Delivering the eulogy

Five lousy minutes to deliver the eulogy? Really?

The boogie board caddy

Wanting to catch a wave all the way into shore was the impetus for Diana Harley’s boogieboarding adventure.

Nature’s trick of the eye

A special moment of anticipation by the river.

Summer Figs

Summer is …getting to enjoy the black figs from my garden before the wild birds do!


The ocean and a magical moment of rediscovery.

My name is Francesca

The caring nurse we met understood the importance of a name.

The joy of fishing

Bonding with a stranger in the fishing aisle.

A whole lot of bull

Emasculator failure has interesting repercussions

Night, night, sleep tight

Failure to ward off a nightly visitor can hurt.