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Plugged in and tuned out

Sometimes, making a connection makes you the odd one out.

Nature’s trick of the eye

A special moment of anticipation by the river.

Goanna man

Expect the unexpected when you look out the kitchen window whilst washing the dishes!

Dancing with Billy

We finally met, thanks to my long brown hair.

My name is Francesca

The caring nurse we met understood the importance of a name.

Killer album

We met over a supermarket trolley and parted over a photo album.

Down the drain

Two young boys show the kindness of strangers to damsels in distress.

Help Yourself!!

Roadside offerings and the kindness of strangers.

There’s still life in those leaves

Thanks to the kindness of a stranger and her free gardening advice, I now enjoy the beauty of a fantastic Australian flowering shrub.

Little boy lost

A parent’s worst nightmare and the kindness of a stranger.