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Just for Today – Think Coastal

A trip to the beach can reignite the senses so fully and acutely. Grains of sand slipping through fingers, tiny seashells clustered beneath drying seaweed – so many writing prompts in memories past and present. Take some time out to let your senses soak in the salty environment. Enjoy your resultant creativity!

Inspired by another

It’s just my boogie board and me…and another lady with a boogie board. She gives me a welcome nod as I emerge from a full-body dunking.

The boogie board caddy

Wanting to catch a wave all the way into shore was the impetus for Diana Harley’s boogieboarding adventure.

The Joy Of Fishing

Read my latest 500 word story in the ABC Open project. leave a comment if you have a spare few minutes, thanks! https://open.abc.net.au/projects/the-kindness-of-strangers-26nr0uy/contributions/the-joy-of-fishing-09np6vv