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Just for Today – Go Somewhere Old

go on adventure and find somewhere old for your next dose of inspiration! take a walk around, have a sit, do a spot of people-watching. let the atmosphere infuse your writing and be inspired!

Just for Today – Writing Building Blocks

sometimes, our writing pieces need to be built over time. expecting to get a piece finished in one go is not always possible. so, keep your drafts and ideas in a physical form or hard copy and dont be shy about going back to them for inspiration or inclusion in other writing projects you may…
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Just for Today – seek out the light!

Artists talk about “light” and so should we writers. An abundance or absence of light can affect how we write our pieces – our descriptions reflect our encounters with sunny days, dismal afternoons or moonless evenings, for example. Think about “light” next time you write and let it be part of your creative process.

Just for Today – Words for Birds

https://radio.adelaide.edu.au/program/words-for-birds/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Words-for-Birds/381148438720483?ref=br_tf hi everyone, one of my stories about my experiences with wedgetail eagles here in Australia has been produced as an audio for Words For Birds. please click on the links above and have a listen. remember, to be  good writers we need to listen!

Just for Today – have a bit of writing fun!

go to the zoo or just out in your backyard or local neighbourhood. find an animal or bird to write about and try your hand at a poem or a piece of prose. share your work with a friend or relative – make it funny! enjoy!!!

Just for today – start swimming!

Sometimes, just getting started on your writing piece is scary. Jumping in the deep end can work for some writers. For others, a small paddle is the way to start on your own writing adventure. Be brave and take the plunge!

Just For Today – imagine you’re there

Other¬†people’s holiday snaps can be truly inspirational. Even if you’ve never been there or don’t stand much of a chance of ever getting there, just for today – pretend things are different and write what you can imagine!

Just for Today – write about night

have you ever witnessed a lightning show at night? can you remember how magnificent the flashes of light were and how amazing it was to watch the night sky be illuminated by the power of nature? harness some of that force and some of those memories and let them light up your writing! be a…
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Just for Today – Everything Old is New Again

This lovely old Christmas tree decoration reminded me of how memories are attached to many things that form part of our lives. Those memories can span a whole range of emotions. And attached to each of those memories and emotions is a story and a writing opportunity. Have a look around and get those stories…
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Just for Today – think colour

Sometimes our writing lacks “colour” – look at your pieces in terms of colour. Is there more you can do to add depth, sparkle, understanding to your writing? Let a little colour help!