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Just for Today – consider the detail

we often look beyond what’s right in front of us – and in doing so, we miss the detail. When you’re looking for inspiration for your writing and in your writing, remember to consider the detail and use it to fully flesh out your written pieces.

Just for Today – look at things differetly

of course you might know exactly what things are, but why not look at things differently Рfrom a different angle or a  different mindset. Try it, just for today, and see what effect it has on your creativity and your writing!

Just for Today – take a good look

When your creativity isnt happening, get outside and take a long, hard look at all that surrounds you. Nature can trigger so many writing prompts – sounds, smells, sights, feelings, memories. so what are you waiting for? go outside and take a good look!

Be curious but gentle

Just for today…be curious with the world around you but gentle with yourself. if a writing idea doesn’t suddenly pop into your head the minute you want it to, don’t get angry with yourself. Take your time to enter “the zone”. be gentle, be persistent, let your subconscious do some work. ideas will flow…inspiration will…
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Just today, my Committed blog has inspired this piece: ¬† She Cries if you could tell me that you loved me what a difference it would make. ¬† looking in the mirror I would see a different person someone beautiful and kind someone that was worth something…

Just For Today…Commit!

Yes, you write or you want to write…then stop putting it off! Commit…commit…commit! get something down on paper just for today…START!!!

Just for Today….Sounds

How did you go? did you listen to the world around you and write?

Comments , Please

Dear readers, if you find that some of my posts are inspiring you to write just that little bit more,Could you let me know, please? just a quick comment so that I could have some feedback on what I’m doing would be great for me. thankyou!

You Carpe Diem’d – well done!

You did it? fantastic – you carpe Diem’d!! my offering: cool spring breeze I inhale promise i exhale hope enjoy your writing! Just for today…