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Just for Today – write about night

have you ever witnessed a lightning show at night? can you remember how magnificent the flashes of light were and how amazing it was to watch the night sky be illuminated by the power of nature? harness some of that force and some of those memories and let them light up your writing! be a…
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Just for Today – take a good look

When your creativity isnt happening, get outside and take a long, hard look at all that surrounds you. Nature can trigger so many writing prompts – sounds, smells, sights, feelings, memories. so what are you waiting for? go outside and take a good look!

Rodd Island adventure

For a seven year old, visiting Rodd Island was a wonderfully sensory experience I still remember.

Black beauties of the Bega Valley

We’ve lived in the Bega Valley for over 15 years and we’ve never had so many crows here, especially not the juveniles, as we do now.


Inspire Yourself, Again

Inspiration comes from all around us. Whether it be our family, our friends, our neighbourhood or our local area – there is so much for our inner writer to seek out and write about. So keep all your senses on high alert and take note of what the world has to offer. Good luck!


Inspire Yourself!

sometimes, it isnt easy getting started on your writing. if inspiration eludes you, be kind to yourself – go and search some inspiration out! take yourself off to the nearest waterway, big tree or patch of grass in your backyard, together with your writing implements of choice, and be inspired. enjoy!!

A year in the life of a wildlife tragic

A few moments from a wildlife tragic’s year.

A Year in the Life of a Wildlife Tragic

    Please enjoy my latest guest blog at ABC Open via the following link: https://open.abc.net.au/posts/a-year-in-the-life-of-a-wildlife-tragic-55my5tg

Smell the Roses

Or at least, look at them! enjoy nature this weekend and let it inspire you to be peaceful and to write!