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Just for Today – Keep Walking

Sometimes, the path to a successful writing piece is a long and bumpy one! There can be many steps to climb, many hurdles to negotiate. Writers need to be persistent and enduring – keep going, keep writing, keep revising. Your final destination will be worth all the effort!

Just For Today – Check out the Street Art

Just for ┬áToday…check out the street art. A treasure trove of inspiration lies therein! Let the colours and images tell you their story or perhaps you can tell them yours!

Just for Today – Small Things

a splatter of rain drops on shiny green leaves, a crust of ice on a spider’s web – sometimes it’s the small things that stir our creativity. Just for Today – investigate the small things and let them inspire you to write.

Just for Today – Think Coastal

A trip to the beach can reignite the senses so fully and acutely. Grains of sand slipping through fingers, tiny seashells clustered beneath drying seaweed – so many writing prompts in memories past and present. Take some time out to let your senses soak in the salty environment. Enjoy your resultant creativity!

Just for Today – seek out the light!

Artists talk about “light” and so should we writers. An abundance or absence of light can affect how we write our pieces – our descriptions reflect our encounters with sunny days, dismal afternoons or moonless evenings, for example. Think about “light” next time you write and let it be part of your creative process.

Just for Today – Take a Drive

on your bike, in your car or just on foot – keep your eyes open and your ears listening. inspiration for a new writing piece (or an old one) may not come straight away, but it will be processed by that incredible brain of yours and stored away for later use. so…while your memory gets…
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Just for Today – write about night

have you ever witnessed a lightning show at night? can you remember how magnificent the flashes of light were and how amazing it was to watch the night sky be illuminated by the power of nature? harness some of that force and some of those memories and let them light up your writing! be a…
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Just for Today – Everything Old is New Again

This lovely old Christmas tree decoration reminded me of how memories are attached to many things that form part of our lives. Those memories can span a whole range of emotions. And attached to each of those memories and emotions is a story and a writing opportunity. Have a look around and get those stories…
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Just For Today

“In the profile of my son the memory of my father”   above is my piece of writing inspired by my Just For Today blog. how did you go? let me know if it worked for you – i hope it did more Just for Today’s soon

A Feast of Poetry Cooma 2012

My poem, “Madame Bovine”, took out the Open Section. http://www.coomaexpress.com.au/story/640011/a-feast-of-poetry/?cs=567