Goanna Man

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Goanna Man

Goanna man

enjoy my latest contribution to ABC Open 500 words: https://open.abc.net.au/projects/500-words-one-moment-this-yr-22lz1tk/contributions/goanna-man-32ad7vx


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  1. Beautiful story Diana I tried to leave a comment over there but for some reason was not able to, so I will just say thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks Kath!

      May I forward this to the ABC Open producer so that she can put it with my story?

      Also how is Wilson Whitby going?

      I also tried to comment on your blog and just couldn’t do it. I thought your story idea was terrific and I heard you on the radio and your interview was really good.

      Thanks again



      • Diana Thanks I thought only my mum heard that interview lol. First Chapter second draft going well. Yes please put up my comment on your story I really enjoyed it and I love the challenge of writing for the 500word ABC open as well, hoping to get to the last ABC workshop in Bega in december.

        • Hi Kath, Thanks for the comment. I will try and get it in my story. I love it when people make a comment!

          I pass Wilson Whitby road every time we drive up the coast so I connected with your interview Straight away.

          Plus, I think you are wonderful to have done the Wri Mo challenge – well done! And good luck with the edits!



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